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SPECIAL NOTE:  This Article was first printed in our magazine called Deeper Life Today.  At last count close to fifty people read this article and came and visited church in the first year after it came out.  Let it be a blessing to you as you settle the question once and for all...


  Does The Lord Still Heal?


Bishop Dale Collins
     This year we are celebrating 20 years in the ministry. Down through the years we’ve been involved in many different areas of ministry and we have dealt with thousands of people and their problems and needs from all over the world. There is a question that keeps coming up from time to time and in this article I want to address it from my own personal experience. The question at hand simply is, “Does the Lord Still Heal?” Now to us that have been eyewitnesses to hundreds if not thousands of miracles and healings in the past twenty years this seems so elementary, but we must remind our selves that not everyone has been blessed to walk down the same road that we have. Through the years we have been blessed to have been associated with and to have met many of the old timers that were people of great faith! Year by year many, and by now most of them, have passed on to their eternal reward leaving a great need for faith teaching and preaching in the modern church age. Even more important the people need some real examples of living by faith in our generation. They have heard enough talking faith and they are starving to see someone really walk by faith. 
     I am writing this article simply because I feel like my heavenly Father wants me to do so. He and I began this project in 1990 and I have had it hid away in my heart for all of these many years waiting until I felt like the time was right. I have done my best to follow His leading on this article and these testimonies that you are about to read about are only a few that I could tell about but these are the ones that I felt He would have me to include. Time and space would not permit me to list all of the miracles and healings that I have seen, experienced and heard about during my twenty-year walk with God. 
     I trust that this article will be a blessing to you regardless of who you are and regardless of what you presently believe about divine healing. If you are one that does not believe in divine healing because of the teaching of the particular church that you was raised up in or maybe the church you are attending right now, I can only say that I hope and pray that by reading the information that I have presented here that you will reconsider your position in the light of Gods Word. Please pray about it and ask God to show you the truth. It would be a terrible thing to spend your entire life here on earth and not know about God’s healing power. 
     If you already believe in divine healing then this article should be a blessing to you. Perhaps you are one of many that believe in divine healing but your faith is weak. This article will be an encouragement to you to believe God for your healing! Perhaps you may have other family members or friends that need their faith lifted up. This article will do it so I want to encourage you to read it and pass it on to someone else that may be pleading inside for someone to help them increase their faith. You may even want to order a supply of them to pass out to people on a regular basis. Everyone in the world needs their faith increased. After all, Jesus asked the question in Luke 18:8 “when the son of man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth?” This ministry is dedicated to making sure the answer is a great big YES! How about you?
     I am so glad to finally be able to get this burden off my shoulders and to finally get the go ahead from God to put this faith-building article out. I now understand why He has had me to wait so long. As the years passed by He did more for us and He wanted it recorded down to be a blessing to His people. I first began this project as a little tract telling about these great healings that took place in 1990, but we never put it out. As an evangelist we had seen many miracles and healings across the land before 1990, but I felt like starting there for this article. 1990 was such a turning point in our lives and ministry and we have never been the same since. 
     In 1990 we declared war on the devil and jumped in with both feet! We were just winding down from several years of evangelistic work in a several state area when a church building came open in the next county over. We knew several people in the area so we decided to rent the building and have a revival. We started the revival and it went on twenty-one straight nights and we were so disappointed because very few people came out. Many that had told us that they would come and had even asked us to come to the area simply did not come at all. It was during this time in our life that we were going thru some great persecutions. There was a group of people that Satan was using to fight us with everything that they had. They tried hard to stop our meeting and although they failed in stopping the meeting they were able to persuade a lot of folks not to come.
     There was an elderly woman a couple of miles up the highway that we had known for some years. She had been healed of many things during her long life but she had come down to the place that her faith was weak and she was about to give up on God being her healer. Sister Collins and I went to see her and encourage her several times but she was really down and depressed. She had given up to have a knee replacement and was taking it really bad. I told her that we was going to have a revival just down the highway from her house and it would start in a few days. I asked her to put off her surgery until she could come to the meeting. She had trusted in God for her healing for a long time and I wanted to see her continue to do so. I told her that if God did not heal her in the meeting she could always go and get her knee replaced after the revival. She simply had sunk too low and I never could get her up out of her defeated attitude. 
     She told me that she had had all of the great faith healers pray for her and she named off several, a list of them from television and radio evangelists. She had gotten so low that she never asked us to pray for her. She went on and had the surgery and had a hard time of it. She regretted it so much and had so many problems with it. Most folks do fine with a knee replacement surgery but this lady had a very hard time. Because of the surgery she could not come to any of the revival although I assured her that God could heal her. I felt so strong that He would heal her if she would just come and listen to the faith preaching. I told all of this because this dear lady missed out on her healing after waiting for it so long. When God sent someone her way, she did not recognize and realize who we were simply because we did not have a big ministry and was just starting out. I’ll go to my grave feeling like that lady missed her healing. She had sunk so low into unbelief that it wasn’t too long until she passed away.
     God always backs up His word. The revival was going on and a real good family started coming. They came every night for a week. I noticed that each night as the church would get down on their knees to pray that this family had a young teenage son that never did get down on his knees. I noticed it but did not say any thing about it. One night towards the end of the week while the service was taking place the mother of this young man stood up and said out loud, “Brother Collins, I just feel like having you pray for my son right now.” I asked them to come up to the front of the church and for all the saints to come and help me pray. I remember it like it was last week. I did things very different on this night. I had everyone to get down and pray for a few minutes (probably ten to fifteen minutes) and as we prayed I quoted every scripture on healing that I could think of from Genesis to Revelation. Faith began to rise and as we finished I had them bring up the young man and we all gathered around him to pray. We anointed him with oil in the name of the Lord and started praying again all together. We prayed for some time when all of a sudden the power of God fell on all of us and most everyone started shouting and dancing in the Spirit. It was so wonderful to feel God’s Spirit and to know that He was and is so real and so near to us. After the people settled down from worshipping God I asked them if they had any thing to say. The young man had by this time returned to his seat. He replied that both of his knees had been healed while we prayed. His Father and mother was real strong on people not claiming something that they did not get so they asked him several times and he affirmed that he had been healed as we prayed. The father had the son to come up in front of the church and made him bend over and get down on his knees several times up and down to make sure he was healed. Each time the young man said that he was pain free and that God had healed his knees while we prayed. 
     I had wondered why the young man never got down to pray when everyone else in the building did. His mother told everyone that her son had been born with defective knees and that it had run in her family. She had taken him to several doctors and there was not any thing that they could do for him. She told how bad it was when the young man was just a boy and he could never get down on his knees to play because of the pain. It hindered him from doing many things that most young men do in life and God had fixed it in a moments time by a simple prayer of faith. We all rejoiced and praised God for the great miracle that he had performed on the young mans knees. I couldn’t help but think about the lady just a couple miles up the highway that had trusted God for so many years but had finally given up on God. God’s Spirit came by the revival and no doubt would have healed her if she would have only had enough faith to come. Instead, she stayed home and went on to the doctor and God came by and healed someone with the same problem she had just to show us He could and would.
     There are a few things that I would like to point out about this revival that I think are important. First of all, the meeting went on for twenty-one nights, which is a long time for modern day revivals. God blessed us for our dedication. Also, Several people fasted for days during this meeting. I personally fasted for a week straight and worked every single day roofing houses from early in the morning till late in the afternoon. We also met and prayed an hour before each service during this meeting. For those that say that they don’t believe in miracles or healings or perhaps some would say that they have never seen a miracle, I would like to ask a few questions. Have you ever prayed an hour a day? Have you or your church ever had enough dedication to go twenty-one nights in revival? Have you or your Pastor ever had such a burden from God for the lost and those that need a healing and a miracle in their lives that you fasted (go without eating and sometimes without drinking) a whole day let along a whole week? Perhaps this might be your problem. Perhaps you have been around church for many years and you have become weak in the faith. Maybe you should ask yourself these questions and perhaps you will find your answer. The Bible says in Matthew 17:21 “howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” Let’s all be fair here and not knock something until we have tried it and tried it right like the Bible says.
     Another fact about this meeting was that this was the only healing or miracle that we saw in the entire twenty-one nights that I ever knew of. God knew that young man had suffered long enough and He sent us by his way to help him. Although I was disappointed that only a few people came to the meeting and not much else happened, sometimes we have to realize that God cares for that one soul and sometimes we must go way out of our way just to help one person that is in need. I appreciate God for being like that. Man looks at the size of the crowd and the offering but God looks down for someone who needs His help and will humble themselves and call upon Him in faith. After all, FAITH MOVES GOD! I saw this young man several years after he had been healed in our revival service and he came up to me and thanked me and told me that he was still healed. Real testimonies like this make all of the praying and fasting and living a life of sacrifice for God worth it all. I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now, AMEN!
     The revival ended and we pulled back to our home base in Conway, Arkansas. Sister Collins was now ready to have our third child. All sorts of troubles and trails befell us during this time as we were definitely under a major attack of the enemy. Just about daylight on July 17, 1990 our little daughter was born into this world at home. She arrived before the midwife arrived and there was no one there to deliver her but myself. The delivery went great and she was born in her father’s hands. It seemed that all was well but after a while we realized that Sister Collins was still bleeding very badly. The midwife arrived along with some other helpers and cleaned up the baby like they do. Sister Collins was a free bleeder and just would not stop bleeding. A few hours passed and in spite of all that we did, Sister Collins was bleeding to death. Realizing that she was just about gone she decided to call an ambulance. They came and took her to the hospital for some blood and sent her back home. 
     The next few days were some of the darkest days in our lives. Sister Collins remained in great pain and we knew something was wrong besides her just having a baby. I want to stress here that we continued hours in prayer and we did some fasting too, but we could not get God to move for us because of all of the trouble and fussing and fighting that was going on around us. It was hindering God from helping us. It was during this time that God did use us again in a great way.
     My grandmother was having a liver transplant in Dallas, Texas; so much of my family was there with her during this time. My father had stayed home to run his business. He just lived up the road from us at the time. Sister Collins was so sick and it seemed like we were all alone. We must always remember that we are never alone and God has promised to go with us all the way! I devoted most of my time to praying or attending to my young wife. I’ll never forget a special day during this dark trial that my dad called up to the house and left a message that he was dying and ask me to come up there in a hurry. He seem so sincere so I left my wife to try and take care of him for a few minutes as well. I arrived at his house and found him in a very bad shape lying on his bed. He said that he had cooked some old food in the kitchen and that it was spoiled and that he had food poisoning. He had laid there for such a long time and he had gotten so weak that he could no longer get up out of bed on his own.    He told me that he was dying and I ask him what he wanted me to do? I said, “Do you want me to call for a doctor or do you want me the pray.” I’ll never forget the answer he gave me that day. Here was my father and he and I had not had a good relationship together for most of my life. He looked up at me and said, “Son, lets pray.” I pulled a chair over by the bed and taught him faith for a few minutes out of the Bible before I bowed down in front of the chair and we began to pray. Heaven came down as he prayed in bed and I knelt down beside of the bed and prayed.    I had never seen my dad in such a bad condition before so we prayed earnestly for about ten minutes asking God to bind the enemy and heal my dad. When we got thru praying I got up and he asked me to go over the hill to the store and pick him up some chicken noodle soup and crackers since he had not been able to keep anything down on his stomach for quite some time. I was needing to get back to my wife but I agreed to go to the store for him. I’ll never forget what happened that day to my father. I went to the store and got the crackers and soup and returned back to his house. When I pulled up in the yard and got out of the car my dad met me fully dressed standing in the front doorway. He simply said to me, “Son, take that soup and crackers to Sheryl because she is sick. God has come by and healed me!” He was in one of the worst shapes of anyone that I had ever seen before we prayed and after only a few minutes of faith teaching and calling on the God of heaven he was healed and made whole! God is so good to us and there is none like Him, AMEN!
     I returned home with the soup and crackers and found that my wife was still in very bad pain. This went on for days and days as she tried to overcome and to hold out at home. She wanted so bad to trust God all the way and stay at home. Looking back on things there is a real lesson here for us all. God will not move for you if you are involved in a lot of family trouble and fussing and bickering back and forth. See First Peter 3:7. Down thru the years I have seen Satan use this trick many times on people to try and stop them from getting their healing or miracle. ALWAYS REMEMBER that Satan will try and stir up some trouble and strife in your life or close to your life when he sees that your faith is bubbling and that you are about to get something from God. Don’t take the bait and let Satan rob you of your miracle. Stay as far away from strife as you can so God can move for you. We prayed for days and nights and for hours and hours at a time. I fasted for days and prayed until I couldn’t even talk above a whisper but God still waited on people in the family to straighten up their lives. It was during this time that God gave us this miracle of healing on my father so that we would know that God was still God and that he was able to do what we needed him to do for us.
James 5:16
     Sister Collins continued to get worse and so we called our Pastor, Brother Autry Davis and his wife to come down and pray for her. They gladly came right down and spent the night with us praying. Sister Collins would get some relief for a few minutes but then the tremendous pain would come back. People today fail to realize how close of a walk it is if you are going to walk with God and trust him for everything. Brother and Sister Davis did all that they could do to see Sister Collins healed that night but it just did not happen. As we prayed early on in the evening Sister Davis asked Brother Davis to forgive her for speaking to loud to him earlier in the day. He had been outside and she looked out the door and saw that the water hose needed to be rolled up so she opened the door and yelled to him (because of the distance they were apart) to please roll it up. After hours of praying she confessed that she did not want anything in her life to hinder Sister Collins from being healed. She asked Pastor Davis to forgive her for speaking too loudly. This godly woman was concerned about the tone of voice that she used. Oh, that we could have some saints like that today! 
     Pastor Davis confessed that God had spoke to him to fast that day but just as He did Sister Davis called that breakfast was ready. He thought that he would start fasting after that meal but later realized that one of God’s children had a special need that very day. This bothered Pastor Davis until the day he died as he mentioned it to me often in our many conversations thru the years. He felt like he let the devil and the flesh get the upper hand. The next morning Pastor Davis got up and went home. Before He left he reminded me again about families being together about such things as trusting in God and how important is was for there to be unity in the marriage, family and church. Pastor Davis felt like he had failed Sister Collins by not obeying God promptly that day but we never once felt that way. We continued to look to him as one of the greatest men of Faith that we have ever known.
     That afternoon we felt that we were defeated and that all was lost. We felt like we had totally backslid and failed God. To see sister Collins have to go back into the hospital crushed us deeply. We had prayed and fasted and I could barely talk above a whisper. It was a low point in our lives for sure but God would not let us fall flat without lifting us up again. Sister Collins was admitted back into the hospital for what would become almost a two-month stay. The Bible says in second Corinthians 12:10 that “When I am weak, then am I strong” and we found it to be so true. It was during our lowest point and our darkest hours that God used us the most to help other people around us with His healing delivering power.
     Pastor Davis started fasting as soon as he returned home and went for several days without eating or drinking anything. He called a few days later to inform us that he had prayed thru and had touched God. Oh, that some of today’s ministers would admit and confess their shortcomings and pray until they prayed thru.
     The doctors had told us that “we have done all that we know to do and you are not any better. In fact you are worse.” Over one hundred Thousand dollars worth of treatments and Sister Collins was still bleeding to death. There was times when they had as many as four bags of blood pouring thru her at one time to keep her alive. They did a first operation to try and find out what was wrong and that did not show up anything. Almost another week passed by and she was really bad so they did another operation on her. This time it was bad news. A large group of people was gathered from all over in the waiting rooms and hallways with the family when the doctor came in and gave my wife’s father the bad news. Pastor Davis and his wife were there along with Pastor David Harrison and his wife from Russellville, Arkansas. From Conway Evangelist Dale Dorsey and Pastor Johnny Blasingame and his wife were there along with a big crowd of family and friends. These all were eyewitnesses to what was said and done in the waiting room because I was not there. I was praying in the chapel. Pastor Gerald Anderson from Eunice, New Mexico was visiting up at Pastor Sammy Cottrell’s and they along with some other brethren flew up to Conway that day to pray with Sister Collins. From the beginning until now Sister Collins has been well loved and received across the country and around the world.
     Both times that Sister Collins had an operation I stayed in the chapel praying until the burden lifted. Each time when the burden lifted I got up and went to the door and looked down the hall and the doctor was coming down the hall to speak to me. I have been told by all parties present that the doctor told my father-in-law that they had removed two feet of Sister Collins’ small intestines and that they were black with gangrene. The problem seemed to be that the part where they had to connect them back to the stomach was also dead and had already turned colors. There was not anything to hook her small intestines back up to that was still alive and that would heal back so she could live. The doctor told them that day that “medically speaking there is no hope, but if you know any doctor that you can get or any preacher that can pray, you had better fly them in here because she won’t live throughout the day.” He did say this as he was leaving that “if she does live it will be because of a higher power.” That higher power is what this little booklet is all about, Amen!
     I was in the chapel praying in earnest and most sincerely. When God spoke to me to call three preachers and apologize to them. My wife was dying and we all knew it. I kept praying and praying and praying and God kept saying and saying and saying “DO IT NOW!” I am so glad that I obeyed God that day even though there was several people that needed to repent that did not and still haven’t to this day made their wrongs right. I had fallen for Satan’s trap again as some of these people had treated us so badly for so long UNTIL I HELD HARD FEELINGS AGAINST THEM! We have got to come clean before God if we want Him to heal us. The little things that I had to repent over seemed so small and unimportant but when God says do it now you had better do it now. Two of the preachers even told me that it was nothing and not to worry about it at all. It may just be small things friends, but it is the small things that are going to keep a lot of people out of heaven in the end. I apologized and repented for these small things and God heard our prayers from then on. Some say, well I don’t believe that God’s heals and some will even go as far as to say that divine healing is of the devil. I prayed ten hours that long dreadful day. Until you’ve prayed and fasted like the Bible says then I wouldn’t down it. Try it and you might like it. I came to the door of the chapel and there came the doctor. I stepped out into the hallway and he began to tell me the bad news. The doctor did not like me at all because that my faith was not in him and I did not accept or believe anything that he said. I stood there in the hallway that day as he told me that my wife, the one God chose and gave to me for a helpmeet in this wonderful ministry was going to die. I laughed in his face because I was not going to allow the devil to use some doctor to rob me of my faith. He cussed me and walked off. As I looked around and down the long hallway, I saw friends of my family crying with tears dripping down their faces at the bad news that my children’s mother would not be coming home to them.   I took a few steps and almost collapsed under the weight of the situation as the fears and doubts tried to assail me from all sides. After a few steps I felt the power of God fall out of heaven on me and lift me up. I walked down that long hallway to where my wife’s family was and began to comfort and uplift them.
     They called in my wife’s family to see her for the last time and they came in large numbers from all over to see her. One by one they filed thru and looked at Sister Collins thru a glass window to say their goodbyes. Sister Collins and I both thought it was funny but when the doctor was getting Sister Collins ready for the operation he told her that “if something don’t happen lady you are going to die.” Sister Collins just laughed and told him “I am not going to die but live.” No wonder he got so mad when I laughed at him. Some people have a hard time dealing with us holy rollers.
     God greatly helped Sister Collins, with the prayers of the saints, and it now appeared to the doctors that she might live. She was transferred to a Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas and it was a great move for us and in our favor.   It was during this time that I continued to pray hours a day and to fast days and days at a time. God began to use me to pray for other people in the hospital there and also to pray for the needs of many people that called in to check on Sister Collins. Many of them had pressing needs and since all I was doing was praying and fasting and trusting in God it only made sense that I should pray for the needs of those that called in. God moved for many of them when I prayed. God’s way is best of all! 
     God has led me to give you one example of a miracle while Sister Collins was in the hospital.   I had become acquainted with some people from Pine Bluff, Arkansas that was a pastor of a very large Baptist Church. The pastor’s wife’s mother had an open-heart surgery and it did not go well at all. I was sitting in the waiting room next to her when the hospital staff came to her and asked her to sign some papers allowing them to take their mother back in for emergency surgery because one of her heart valves had started back bleeding. The woman was wanting to ask her other family members about signing it but the lady from the hospital interrupted her and told her that her mothers operation had not worked and that she had started massive bleeding. She told her, “lady, your mothers is dying and it doesn’t matter if you sign the papers or not because they already have your mother back on the operating table.” She signed the papers and grabbed my hand crying and said, “Preacher, please pray for me and my mother.” I set in praying in the waiting room for God to help them. In just a few minutes I stepped into a nearby room and prayed over an hour on behalf of this woman. God came thru for her as they reported to the family that the bleeding just stopped. I was not only a hero for a day, but I was a hero from then on to this woman and her family because God had answered my prayers and had mercy. All thru the week as more and more family members flew in from up north and other places this woman would march them right up to meet me, saying, “I want you to meet the young preacher that prayed for our mother and God healed her.” Yes, God can and will use you even when you are down, so rejoice because while you are down in that deep dark valley you can help someone else come up out of there.
     Sister Collins was still bleeding when they took her to the Little Rock Hospital. They wanted to take her there because they had a section of the hospital that specialized in stomachs. I had prayed several hours a day for weeks straight and God was really helping me. There was a local Pentecostal Church that was having services and they had been so good to us so I decided to leave the hospital and drop in for a service.   God spoke to me and I told the Church that when they took Sister Collins down to Little Rock and they were going to do a special test on her. “They are going to run a camera down her throat to see why she is bleeding and God is going to heal her while they watch” and so it was. The time came for the test and they would not allow me to go with her. I followed behind them and found an empty closet right across from the room they took her into.    I opened the door and it was a closet with mops and mop buckets. I stepped inside and hit my knees in prayer. After a while I heard them coming out of the other room all excited. They later told me that they inserted the long scope with a camera down Sister Collins’ throat and when it got down to her stomach they could see it bleeding. While they were watching it thru the scope it just stopped bleeding right before their eyes and she hasn’t bled any more all these 16 years. God is a miracle worker and there is not doubt in my mind He can do what ever we need Him to do.
     Sister Collins’ healing and miracle came in stages but she was healed by the power of God and in answer to thousands of people’s prayers from all over the world. I was just blessed to get to be right there and be an eyewitness. There is no greater feeling than to be used by the hand of God. The doctors and staff simply helped Sister Collins live until we could believe and faith took over from there. On several occasions the doctors and staff stated that they had not been able to help her, but had simply been able to keep her going. This was another good lesson for us as we are doing our best to trust God all the way for everything. God can and will heal you regardless of where you are, even in a hospital if you will only call out to Him with a pure and sincere heart by faith.
     It was time for Sister Collins to be healed completely and for her to go home. She had now been in the two hospitals for over six weeks when the stomach doctor came in for a visit. They were still talking about the possibility of having to take out Sister Collins’ stomach and that she would have to live with a bag on her side for the rest of her life. Each time they brought it up I refused to accept it and told them so. “I’m an evangelist and that requires us to travel all over and she is my helpmeet. I refuse to accept that.” He told us that he was glad that Sister Collins had stopped bleeding and that she was no longer in danger of dying but that she would still not be able to eat or drink anything for another six weeks. It had already been over a month since she had eaten anything already and the doctor informed us that it would be another six weeks. We couldn’t and wouldn’t accept that for sure! The doctor left the room and the head nurse came in. We asked her what she thought about what the doctor had just said about it being another six weeks before Sister Collins could eat or drink anything. She replied that she had been working in that part of the hospital for many years and that our particular doctor was one of the very best. She said to us, “If that is what he said then that is the way that it will be because he knows what he is talking about.” Doctors and nurses sure know how to build your faith, don’t they?
     The nurse left out of the room and we had a special visitor. Pastor Autry Davis from Scranton, Arkansas walked in to visit us. This was the third time that pastor Davis had come to see Sister Collins and I. He was eighty years old and drove the two hundred mile round trip by himself. He came as jolly and up lifting as ever and began to build up our faith. He said, “I have come to teach you faith and to pray for you.” He said, “If I can get you out here on this rock (being Jesus the Word of God) with me it will be done because God’s word says that if any two of you shall agree as touching anything it shall be done.” He began to flip thru the Bible reading some scriptures on faith. After a few minutes he said to us “lets pray.” We all started in praying together and he prayed his normal prayer telling the devil to “go now” and asking God for the power of the most high to overshadow us and to heal Sister Collins. We raised our hands and thanked God. As he started to leave the room he took out his billfold and pitched Sister Collins a twenty-dollar bill. It landed about midway up her body as she was under the covers. She quickly asked, “What is that for” and he replied, “It is for you to get you something to eat with.” Sister Collins asked him if he had heard what the doctor had just told us before he came in the room. He said that he did not know what the doctor had said and that it did not matter what the doctor had said. “All that matters is what God’s word said so I am giving you this twenty-dollar bill for you to get you something to eat with.” He left the room that afternoon and I started feeding Sister Collins breakfast the very next morning and she has been eating quite well for the past sixteen years.
     Words fail me to say what this great man of faith meant to us. I’m told that people laughed and mocked him when he showed up at the hospital asking for Sister Collins room and telling the people in the waiting room that he had prayed thru and that God had sent him to pray for Sister Collins and that she was going to be healed. He was such a great man of faith and had prayed for so many people across the country that just after he had left to go back home a van load of people had come to visit us from another church around a hundred miles away. There were several preachers in the group that had great confidence in pastor Davis. When they came in the waiting room someone told them laughing and mocking and making fun that “some old gray haired preacher had just left from praying for Sister Collins and he said that she was healed and that she would be going home soon.” They was making fun of the person that God had used to help us and to this day it still hurts Sister Collins and me. The preacher’s response was this, “Well if Pastor Davis has been here to pray and if he said that she was healed then she is healed and we’ll just turn around right here and go home.” They turned around without even coming up to see us and left. Pastor Davis was one of the greatest men of faith in our time and one that God greatly used to heal the sick.
     Sister Collins started eating and within a few days was dismissed from the hospital with a clean bill of health. She required no medication and took none and has trusted in God totally for her healing ever since. We left the hospital and the first McDonalds that we passed she asked me to pull over and get her a Big Mac. Five weeks later we left for a six state preaching tour. What a mighty God we serve!
       Thru her long illness God had used us to pray for numerous people and their needs and see them healed. Her story was told among thousands of people all over the world and increased the faith of many to trust God for their healing. Later, God blessed me with a book titled Four Enemies Of Your Faith that has been a blessing to many. In spite of all of the bad things that we had to go thru, God’s Word declares in Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” We must always remember that it is what we have been thru that has made us what we are today so “Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, rejoice” Philippians 4:4.
     Sometime after that we were blessed to meet a man that we called grandpa Mooney. He had been a tremendous faith preacher in his younger years but had run into some problems and left the ministry. God blessed me to be able to get him back to going to church in his old age and he was a great help and blessing to us until he passed away. He had had a stroke and had to walk on a walker or a cane depending upon how far he had to go. He had told me several times that the doctors had told him that he would very likely have another stroke and die from it. He said that they told him that he would have a blood clot and that it would go to his brain and he would have a severe stroke and die.   
     We were in a service in another local church that I was helping the young pastor out in and grandpa Mooney came in and sat down on the back row. The service was moving right along when all at once we noticed that grandpa Mooney was bleeding very badly out his nose. There was a visiting preacher there and he ran back to the restroom and got him some paper towels. While he did this I went back to him and laid my hand on his head and started praying. The other preacher handed him the paper towels and he put them in front of his head to catch the blood. I was still praying for him and all of a sudden a big clump of blood came out of his nose and into the paper towels and the bleeding stopped. I am not a doctor and I don’t claim to know much about medical things like this. I don’t know for sure what happened but I do know that while the church was singing all of this was happening on the back row. I do know that he stopped bleeding in Jesus Name at once and I do know what he told people for the rest of his life and that was that he was having that massive blood clot that the doctors had warned him about and that he was about to have a stroke and perhaps even die when I laid my hands on him and rebuked satan in Jesus’ Name. He passed the blood clot instead of it going to his brain and he was healed. He testified many times that he never had any more trouble from that day on with bleeding, blood clots or strokes and he lived several more years after that. Regardless of what any of us might think happened or didn’t happen, this man claimed that he had been healed by the power of God thru prayer until the day he died and I believe him.
     This same man became my close friend and he stood with me when almost everyone else in the ministry walked or ran away. He stood with me and supported this ministry until he passed away in Mississippi and they had us to go down there to do his funeral. During our several year friendship we had many phone conversations and some of them lasted for hours and way into the night. We had noticed that he did not use his false teeth and we began to wonder why. One night while talking on the phone about faith and healings and miracles that we had seen in the ministry (and he had seen many wonderful things happen and had been greatly used by God early on in life) he mentioned that he did not use his false teeth because that when they had pulled out his teeth they left a small bone of some kind that stuck out of his gums. This made using the false teeth very uncomfortable so he had not used them in a long time. We had both talked about faith to the point that we were bubbling over. I simply said to him, “Grandpa Mooney, my old pastor used to pray for lots of people right over the phone and God would heal them so why don’t we just pray about it right now!” I started praying at once without even giving him time to answer. We prayed for a few minutes and then we thanked God for taking care of this thing for us. Then I heard him say, “It just popped out! Brother Collins, it just popped out!” He was instantly healed and delivered thru faith in his name from this thing that had bothered him for a long time. If you are tired of carrying something around that is bothering you, stand up by faith and cast it off now, Amen!

     In 2001 we had a young Mennonite man from Tulsa, Oklahoma come and stay with us for a few months. He had been having problems so we took him in to try and help him. It was during this time that we were preparing to have our annual brush arbor campmeeting. In preparation for the meeting we was having a lot of prayer meetings and some of the people fasted some days. This young man had never been around the Holy Ghost power of God. He joined right in with us and prayed and prayed and prayed that God would help us in the campmeeting. The prayer of faith is the key to success for any meeting!
     This young man had studied the Holy Ghost out for himself while he stayed with us and he had determined that it was real and that it was for all believers today. He was crying out in much prayer to God both day and night trying to save his marriage. We were praying with him as well. He was seeking the Holy Ghost and so we gathered to pray in our old house late one night.
     We started praying about eleven o’clock at night and continued till three in the morning. We had been praying like this many times at the old camp ground while we were getting ready for the fall meetings, but this time it was at our home. We sang and worshipped some and prayed and prayed and prayed. This went on for hours as the six of us sought God with all of our heart.   Several of us had special needs on this night so our hearts were heavy and our faith bubbling. This young man had been in a very bad car wreck with his grandparents about ten years before and it had left him with severe neck problems. He told us that he had been to several doctors and they could not find anything wrong with him so each time they sent him on his way to spend the rest of his life suffering. While he stayed with us his neck had bothered him so bad that there was a few times that he could not even help do roof work for the pain. That night as we were praying God’s Spirit began to fall among us and it was something that he said that he had never felt in all of his years of going to church. NOTE: We must always be thankful because not everybody and not every church has been blessed with God’s Spirit like we have! While the Holy Ghost was so strong in the room he came over to me and asked me to pray for him right then. I laid my hand on his head and began to pray for him just like I always do. He was praying and rejoicing in the Lord as this was all new to him. When I started praying for him he said that he felt a real warm feeling come out of my hand and into his head and on down throughout his entire body. As the warm feeling passed thru his neck he was healed instantly by the power of God. He stayed with us a few more months and when he left us he told us that he had never had any more problems with his neck till that day. After years of suffering and great pain this young man was delivered by Faith in Jesus name! 
     There is one more thing about this young man that stands out to me. He testified that he had bad migraine headaches for everyday of his life for years until he came to stay with us. One day he looked over at me and said, “I have been trying to figure out why the headaches that I have had for years stopped when I came to stay with you all. I have now figured it out. The only thing that I have done different since coming here is that you folks do not drink soda pops. I have now went four months without a soda pop and it has been four months since I have had a headache!” NOTE: There are many people that will read this that will not understand.   If you are going to trust God for your healing then you need to be more careful as to what you put into your body. You are what you eat and many of the sicknesses that people have are simply because of what and how they eat. A simple change in eating habits made a big difference in this young mans life and I am convinced that it will in yours as well.
     During the same prayer meeting as the power of God was moving among us I prayed for some more people and God delivered them as well. Sister Collins had developed a small growth on the back of her leg. She had this thing for several months but it had begun to grow in size and she had been in pain because of it for several days. It was in such a place as to cause her to have to sit on it and it was about the size of a large wooden match head that just stuck out from her body. She came over for prayer so I laid my hands on her head and started to pray. It was so wonderful as God touched her. The growth did not disappear that night but the next morning it had reduced one half in size and the next day it was completely gone in Jesus Name! God can do anything if we will only trust in Him.
     We had another person there that had been bit by a spider and she had a big red whelp about the size of a dollar bill on her side just above her waist. In the center of this whelp was a boil like area that was about the size of an egg. Earnest prayer was made as God’s presence was so strong in the room with us and it reminded me of the scripture in Luke 5:17, “the power of the Lord was present to heal them.” This young lady stepped into the next room with another sister and checked on it. They came back into the room rejoicing because the entire spider bite was GONE!   The whole whelp and bite area was completely gone. There was no sign of it anywhere. This young lady was healed instantly by the power of God thru faith in His name! I know that this is too far out for a lot of church folks but if you will just read the New Testament and compare this you will find that experiences like these are very normal and are to be expected in God’s true Church among ALL His true believers.
     My son was there that night and he had been out in the yard a few days earlier wrestling with a friend when he jammed his hand and fingers really bad. They had swollen up two to three times their size and he could not use his hand. He came over for prayer and we prayed for him. We prayed for some time and I told him to “go and play his guitar by faith.” He walked over and picked it up and started playing. Thru his obedience to the man of God he was healed. He began to play and play and play and God restored the use of his hand right then and there. He could move his hand and fingers and in a day or so all of the swelling was completely gone. Our heavenly Father had done it again for His people. All four of these major miracles happened within a few minutes. Is there any wonder why we prayed, sung the songs of Zion and rejoiced till three o’clock in the morning? God is still a prayer answering God and I recommend him to everyone not only as a Saviour but as a healer as well.
     One day I was at work when my wife got a call for help from a local preacher friend of ours. He stated that he was having an heart attack and ask us to come right over and pray for him. He called several local preachers and some from out of the area. Sister Collins knew that I was working close by so she called me on my cell phone and told me what he had said. 
     I rushed over to the preachers house and went right on in the door. I found him in his bed in the back bedroom. I asked him what he wanted me to do. “Do you want me to call an alblunance or do you want us to pray.” He resonded that he wanted us to pray so I quoted him some faith building scriptures. He had a small bottle of olive oil next to his bed so I used it to anoint his head. I got down on my knees next to his bedside and he was in the bed. We both began to call upon the God of heaven and we prayed for probally ten to fifteen minutes. When we finished I got up and ask him how he was doing. He replied that God had touched him while we was praying and that he was healed. I had to return to work so we praised God together for his wonderful love and for this great thing that he had done for us. I left the room and started down the hall and out the back door I could still hear him yelling out “Glory to God and Thank You Jesus for healing me.” 
     That afternoon some more preachers that he had called earlier in the day showed up to pray for him but the work had already been done in Jesus Name! That night I received a call from another Church way off thanking me for helping their friend. We must always remember that it is not us that does the healing but it is Christ in us. It is all in HIM!
     The Church here in Conway Arkansas was reaching out to new people in our community. We had some posters printed up and we set out to doorknock (invite folks to Church). The door hanger had on it that we would be teaching a weekly Bible Study including such topics as divine healing and miracles. The children went out and put out several hundred of these on people’s doors. They returned for service late that afternoon and we all got a great supprise. A young man that they had hung one of the doorhangers on his door just walked right into our service. 
    He attended the big Church down the road from us and He had never been taught about divine healing.   I don’t think that I’ll ever forget what happened that day. Service had just started when this huge young man in shorts walked in the back door of the church. We stopped everything as he spoke out that someone had just put a door hanger on his door and it said that we offered prayer for the sick. I said, yes sir, that is right. He then said, well “my head is busting and I can’t stand it anymore. I have come here for prayer for my healing.” We were all amazed but we could see that he was very serious. I ask him how he wanted prayer because I could see that he did not know anything about faith in God or divine healing. I told him that “we can just mention you to God in prayer when we take up the prayer request or we can do it like the Bible says and anoint you with oil and pray the prayer of faith over you.” He said that he wanted to do it like the Bible said so I ask him to come up front. He walked up in front of the church and as I got the bottle of oil he started to take off his outer shirt (he thought that I was going to pour the whole bottle on him). I told him that it was not necessary for him to take off his shirt because we was only going to use a drop of olive oil to anoint him with. 
     I started by quoting all of us some faith building scriptures and then I ask everyone to help me pray for him. We started in praying to God on his behalf and we prayed for a few minutes. When we were finished praying for him he just looked up at all of us and said, “my headache is gone. My head feels fine.” He then ask a very profound question that almost stunned all of us. “I’ve been going to church all of my life. Why has my pastor or my church never told me about praying for the sick before.” The only Bible answer that I could give him is perhaps he has been in the wrong church!
     We usually have a faith building revival at our home church each January. This year the meeting was great and lasted for eighteen services straight. Very few young people can remember back to the good old days when most churches had revivals and meetings that would last from two weeks to several months at a time. Is there any wonder why most people don’t see God move for them like He did for the early Church? NOT AT ALL! With so many singers singing about the good old days and so many preachers referring back to the good old days in their watered down sermons I am glad to report that there are some folks that are still living in the good old days right now!
     I preached on faith each night, eighteen nights in a row and the peoples faith was starting to bubble. Several miracles and healings happened while this revival was going on.
     The Faith Building Revival had been going on for quite a few nights when a woman came to be in services with us. The saint’s faith had greatly increased and it is a good thing for sure. 
     The service was moving right along and we took up prayer request. I called the saints in to the altar to pray over the request and just as we knelt down to pray I heard this big smashing noise toward the back of the church. Everyone turned to see what had happened and instantly ran to the back of the church. The visitor lady was having a powerful sesiure in the floor. Many of us had been fasting for days and praying for hours so satan allowed us to put our faith to the test and Thank God we passed. I was so proud of the church folks that night as they held the woman down and prayed for her. She was jerking around on the floor and they was containing her to keep her from hurting herself. I was the last to get to her and I immently anointed her with oil and laid my hands upon her head and simply said, “devil, I command you to come out of her and go into the midst of the sea in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazereth.” That was it! The seizure was instantly over as she jerked her head around and looked straight at me. She told us later that she usually had to go to the hospitial in an ambulance each time and that this was the only time that she had ever just snapped out of it. The whole seizure lasted about two minutes and Jesus took over from there. I do not know what happened to the lady after that night but the whole church is a witness to the fact that instantly in the name of Jesus she came out of the seizure and satan was subject to the saints of God because of faith in his name!
 When we started the meeting I was at a very low point in my life as far as my own personal health was concerned. Our ministry and our business have expanded very rapidly over the last couple of years and this has brought on more stress. I found I was barely able to get up and go and my working had been reduced to just supervision and that was on a very rare occasion. I was very weak in body and at times was having severe chest pains. I told my wife that I might not be here a month from now if God didn’t help me. I was also having trouble with my eyes and my ears as well as my feet. I’ve preached faith and lived by faith for twenty years now and it looked like that I was hanging on by a thread. I was working on a very steep and dangerous roof a few weeks ago when God moved on me and blessed me. I told my helper “It is alright to hold on to a thread if God is holding on to the other end of it.” “If God sees fit to let the thread break he will catch us before we hit the ground.” After all of these years of walking by faith, God moved for me again and I am very excited about living for God. 
     After the first few nights had passed I was barely able to get up and talk let alone preach and teach. One night I simply sat down on the altar and asked the church to gather around and pray for me. My son anointed me with oil and everyone got down on their knees and began to pray for me. I heard one brother crying and asking God to give me strength and a miracle. The people could see that I was very sincere since I barely could go each night. They really cried out to God on my behalf and God touched me. It is just that simple. God touched me! I didn’t feel anything and there was not any shouting or great emotion going on. It was just simple but very sincere prayer and faith in God. The next day I returned back to work with the roof crew and showed them up pretty good. I told them that God had helped me and that I would race them. “I will tear off my side of the house while all of you put the roof back on the other side.” “I beat them and they could not believe it. The first thing that they wanted to know was what kind of new vitamins was I taking. I told them that I had not been taking any vitamins in over week and that it was the power of God that had touched me. We really had great worship services for the next few nights as we gave thanks unto Him for helping me. 
     It was apparent to almost everyone that is around me that something major has happened in my life. I now have energy and strength to work and to do some task that our newer workers had never seen me do. My feet healed up and seem to be doing fine. My ears have improved and my eyesight is much better. I have had a problem with my eyes for one year now and they have bothered me everyday for that time period. My left eye blinked almost constantly and it was very hard to focus. It seemed like that I had some grit or sand in my eyes at all times. I thank God for removing this burden from me so that I can continue to do the work of the ministry that He called me to do. Another great thing that happened to me is that I no longer bite my fingernails off. I had done this ever since I can remember as a child but no more! Once again, God has done another great work in my life and I am convinced that trusting in Him is not only His plan but it is the best way to go. Without any doubt, GOD IS REAL!
     So there it is! I’ve went back thru twenty years worth of healings that I have seen with my own eyes and these are only a few of them. Just like the people in the Bible I am a modern day witness that the God I serve is still alive and well. He has all power and He never changes. Hebrews 13:8 says “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” The answer to the question that we started out with is simple. Does the Lord still heal? The True Jesus is a healer. He healed people in the Old Testament and He healed people in the New Testament. Since He never changes, the true Jesus still heals believers today if we will only trust in Him and have faith. The first part of Malachi 3:6 says, “For I am the Lord, I change not.” God’s Word is more than enough for me. Since it clearly says it, then I believe it and I practice it.
     If you happen to be a person that does not believe that the Lord still heals then I hope that this article will help turn you around. You have been missing out on so much that God intended for you to have. If you believe that the Lord still heals, then I trust that this article will give you even more of a desire to trust in Him for everything and that it will be a tool used by Him to increase your faith to the place that you too can see God move for you so you can receive the healing from God that He intended for you to have.  
     I challenge you to GO IN FAITH believing that the work of healing that you need is done in Jesus Name! 
     Mark 9:23 “Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”
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My First 
Experience With
Divine Healing
Bishop Dale Collins
     Many times thru the years I’ve been asked about my first experience with Divine Healing. It seems that most people who ask about Divine Healing think that I was raised this way and that it is something that I was always around growing up. While it is true that my grandfather was a Pentecostal preacher that started several churches and my great uncle was a well know revival and radio evangelist my parents had dropped out of church when I was in the second grade. There is no doubt in my mind that myself and my family saw God move for us in many ways in those early years but I was just too young to remember it.
     My first experience with divine healing that I recall took place shortly after I repented of my sins and was converted to the old-time way. I had just got back from a year in college when I took a job at a local factory. I only worked there five or six weeks until I went into the ministry and went into roofing business for my self. One day while I was working at the factory a piece of metal flew off the machine and hit me in the eye. It did not bust my eye or anything serious like that but it bothered me greatly and I could not get it out. I tried several times to flush it out but I could not. Grandma tried to see it but she could not get it out either. We were concerned as to what to do about it as all of our attempts to get it out or to get relief had failed.

     That night, Evangelist Dale Dorsey and his wife Lucille, came to visit grandma and I. By this time in my life I had grown to really love them and I had great confidence in them. We had a great visit and I’m sure we talked about God and the Bible. Somewhere along the way I had heard about divine healing but I didn’t know anything about it. All I knew was that I was suffering and as a new believer I took God at His Word. Since divine healing was in His Word I assumed it was for me.

      I ask the evangelist if divine healing was in the Bible and he said that it was. I told him that I had heard about people anointing people with oil and praying for their healing. I ask him if that was in the Bible and He said that it was. He then told me that he always carried a small bottle of oil around with him so he could anoint people that wanted special prayer. He asked me if I wanted prayer and I replied that I did. When they got up to leave he took out his little bottle of oil and put some on his finger and laid his hand on my head. They prayed a simple prayer for my eyes asking that they would recover in Jesus name. They finished praying and went on outside the house.
     I remained sitting on the couch as they were getting n their car and starting to drive off when all at once I realized that whatever had been in my eye was GONE! I was no longer suffering with discomfort and pain. I was instantly healed and delivered from this thing that had tormented me. I was free in Jesus Name! I jumped up and ran out the door yelling “IT’S GONE, IT’S GONE, IT’S GONE.” I stopped their car and informed them of what God had done. We all rejoiced together for what God had done and they left for the night. This is my personal account of my first experience with divine healing. Since that night over twenty years ago I have had and continue to have a strong desire to fully trust in God and take Him at His Word. Thru the years I’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of miracles and healings take place and I am convinced that God is a healer and He always keeps His Word.
     I ask the evangelist if divine healing was in the Bible and he said that it was. I told him that I had heard about people anointing people with oil and praying for their healing. I ask him if that was in the Bible and He said that it was. He then told me that he always carried a small bottle of oil around with him so he could anoint people that wanted special prayer. He asked me if I wanted prayer and I replied that I did. When they got up to leave he took out his little bottle of oil and put some on his finger and laid his hand on my head. They prayed a simple prayer for my eyes asking that they would recover in Jesus name. They finished praying and went on outside the house.
     I remained sitting on the couch as they were getting n their car and starting to drive off when all at once I realized that whatever had been in my eye was GONE! I was no longer suffering with discomfort and pain. I was instantly healed and delivered from this thing that had tormented me. I was free in Jesus Name! I jumped up and ran out the door yelling “IT’S GONE, IT’S GONE, IT’S GONE.” I stopped their car and informed them of what God had done. We all rejoiced together for what God had done and they left for the night. This is my personal account of my first experience with divine healing. Since that night over twenty years ago I have had and continue to have a strong desire to fully trust in God and take Him at His Word. Thru the years I’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of miracles and healings take place and I am convinced that God is a healer and He always keeps His Word.
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